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Password Generator 2008 Professional

Generate millions of strong passwords, serial numbers, key codes, usernames, pronounceable
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20 January 2008

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These days for each and everything we need security whether it’s your bank account, email ID, files, folder, etc. With this comes the need to have a large variety of passwords that ideally should be different and unique. So to solve this problem we are presenting you the Password Generator 2008 Professional 2.0.0000. It provides you with millions of passwords, key codes, serial numbers, pronounceable passwords, and usernames that are strictly generated following the rules that you define. You can also enable various other features to work with and you would find the program easy to deal with.

Password Generator 2008 Professional 2.0.0000 software has a neat appearance that is easy on the eye and options are set on the screen on both the panels and the menu bar area. The Basic Mode provides you the options to character setting, options and length settings for the passwords. You can also change to the Advanced Mode option that has the Character Composition, Order and General Options set with it. You can set the Character policies and on the right side you get the option for the Character Groups that is for setting the character, density and quantity. Then there’s option ‘Sequences’ and also Dictionaries; it contains various properties. On the top you get the Mode, Count, RNG, No Duplicate, and many other options that you can change for generating the password accordingly. You can easily export the data to the Database or Microsoft Excel file and also import the Usernames. The generated list of the password is shown at the middle of the screen with the Username. You can easily save the list or open an existing one and even get them printed if required.

Password Generator 2008 Professional 2.0.0000 receives an appreciable score of 4.5 rating points owing to its excellent performance and extensive options. The software also provides you with the features to send the username and passwords through emails through the program itself which adds to its appeal.

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Generate millions of strong passwords, serial numbers, key codes, usernames, pronounceable passwords that strictly follow rules you define. Control precisely which characters can be used, how often they can appear, and where they need to be placed. Use advanced elements in passwords: sequential parts, words, and non-ASCII characters. Allow or disallow consecutive characters like abc or qwerty, control repeating and duplicate characters appearance. Choose between different random number generators (Basic, XorShift128, MT19937, ALF, FIPS140-compliant cryptographically strong RNG), depending on what is more important to you - speed or security. Generate usernames along with passwords. Generate MD5, SHA1, and SHA2 hashes of passwords. Export results to databse. E-mail users their new login information from within the program. Work with modern Office 2007-like Ribbon User Interface. Protect yourslef with Password Generator 2008 today!
Password Generator 2008 Professional
Password Generator 2008 Professional
Version 2.0
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